media management

We create experiences taking into account the public effect of a brand, linking and optimizing channels and the content of interactions based on constant analytics.

Desarrollo del Transmedia

Media Management 365

Company or Institution

It's who makes the decisions and sees the time-cost-benefit landscape of the project and its who has or develops the skill to manage.

The Brand

It's the most important intangible asset of a company and represents the chain of value, whether its expressed on a product or service.

Stakeholders (Grupos de interés)

Stakeholders are considered those groups or institutions with interests in a company and from which the company depends for its survival.
Generally classified into internal (shareholders / owners and employees) and external (customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors, social agents, government, local communities, society and the general public, the environment and future generations).

Technology and Communication

The technology changes every 18 months, the components are increasingly smaller and their storage capacity and speed increseas. What Which affects the time and way we communicate.

How it Works

Desarrollo del Transmedia