We include the technological aspect without neglecting the interaction with the user, seemingly distant areas that we successfully merge, allowing the exploration of unique ideas that result in what we call "online experiences".


Only the customer sets the limits to capture an idea. Render Farm Studios is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, developing solutions that give your business a competitive advantage by implementing: databases, virtual commerce, social networking applications, multiplayer games, AJAX, augmented reality, video sharing sites, XML and HTML5, etc.



Online advertisement

We merge technology and creativty to reach your audience or attract more customers, and show with more impact the brands that work with us. Conceptual ads in search engines, social media promotion, interstitial ads, online classifieds, email MKT, etc.



E - learning

We handle high graphical standards making use of all online applications, which allow to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning objectives set for each project, developing high quality multimedia contents, where the contents are in the service of entertainment, promoting a more effective learning.


Digital Signage

Dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage is the use of digital content broadcast via screens. We create impactful content aimed at maximizing the visual system networks with dynamic content updated daily.