render farm

We support the most critical process of the animation production environments, the rendering.


The render farm has the necessary technological infrastructure and the processing power of 168 3GHZ cores each. We support the most critical process of the production in animation environments, "The Rendering" and we consider the most important details which are: quality, optimization, resolution, format and speed.


Render Farm Specs


  • 42 intel Xeon e5420 processors at 2.5 GHz totaling 168 cores.
  • 176 Gb RAM Memory.
  • 12 Terabytes of storage.



  • Advice and personalized support on modeling, animation, textures, lighting and optimization of your files and projects.
  • Supervision throughout the whole process.
  • File security and confidentiality.
  • Receive and send files several ways.
  • Our location within the metropolitan area improves delivery times.
  • Messaging service within D.F. and metropolitan area, parcel service throughout the republic for a fee.
  • First and foremost is for the support it means. The assurance that everything will be done in time, form and quality as agreed from the beginning.
  • The possibility of large-scale work, or that require a hardware infrastructure beyond a simple PC, such as renderings of developments, animations or videos.



Quoting tool and FAQs

Our quote tool helps you calculate the costs. Remember that this tool only gives an approximate, to know the real quote please contact one of our representatives.


Consult our FAQ and know the requisites of preparing your project for its optimal processing in our farm.