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About Us

Render Farm Studios is a digital production company headquartered in Mexico City and with representative offices in Miami, Florida, USA. Founded in 2008, Render Farm continuously builds a solid foundation of artistic proposal with technical solutions to produce live action content, animation and VFX for any media platform. Digital content is in our DNA.

Committed to our customers and people, and telling original and relevant stories, we continue to evolve as a reliable alternative for audiovisual producers, studios, game developers and advertisers who demand outstanding visual content.



Highly evocative, emotive and visually attractive sequences done with 3D generated assets.



We integrate live and computer generated images (CGI) to create believable environments.


VR Development

Render Farm is actively working on the latest Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technologies.



As a strategy we use the power of narrative with cutting-edge technology to create memorable experiences.


Render Farm

We have the best 3D cloud rendering platform solution in Spanish.


Live Action

In audiovisual production we do location photography, filming and have film facilities available.


Our IP

Learn about our published and in-development intellectual properties.



We are a group of dedicated professionals in the digital media industry.


Recent Projects

Clients, Alliances & Partnership

USA: 7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 337 Miami, FL 33166.    México: Chilaque 27 San Diego Churubusco, Coyoacán, CDMX    +52 (55) 5604 1016     Correo electrónico
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