Transmedia not only means that different parts of the story created is disseminated through multiple channels and platforms, each channel must contribute new aspects to the whole, so that the contents will complement and enhance each other providing an impactful experience that immerses the public.

Each media adds something to the narration, developing ingenious combinations of media generates completely new ideas, even from the implementation perspective.

Transmedia - En Transmedia cada medio añade algo más a la narración


We tell stories through multiple media channels.

Because media by itself does not satisfy our curiosity or lifestyle.
Today we have the technology and you can choose to browse or stop and listen.
Personalized technology and the capacity of responding in real time.
The content is adapted to every available media allowing to create a bigger, more profitable, consistent and rewarding experience.

Transmedia is a new form of storytelling designed to tell stories across multiple platforms and formats.

You have to offer appropriate content in the correct device and in the appropriate time. That means it is very important to understand the experience we are trying to create not only the emotional commitment in the story, but also the experience commitment.

Study cases


Goal: Teach children who visit various factories around the country the processes involved in producing the goods of the brand.

Bienvenidos a la fabrica de Marinela.


Goal: Create engagement with the audience through different media promoting the app for mobiles and Telcel's PC Msngr


Based on the radio campaign we generated a 3D animation ad.


Goal: To position Instituto Electoral del Distrito Federal in the audience top of mind and differentiate it from Instituto Federal Electoral.

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